MOBIS Georgia Safety Policy

Safety Policy

MOBIS believes in safety, quality, efficiency and success in every phase of its operation.

We attribute these achievements to the hard work and dedication of our Team Members.

At MOBIS, we believe safety is a co-partner with Production, Logistics, Quality and Administration (manufacturing, distribution, and salesmanship) at all levels, including Top Management and Team Members.

We are committed to accident prevention, continual safety improvement and compliance with legal and other requirements to eliminate hazards and reduce risks.

Because we believe YOU are our most valuable asset, we ask every Team Member to participate and consult with us in our goal of accident-reduction by following safe work practices and exhibiting concern for the health and well-being of others.

We will provide the framework for setting and reviewing safety objectives and programs and communicate these programs to all Team Members.

We abide by the premise that job safety and health is a manageable function and therefore expect all levels of the team to take the necessary steps to prevent injury and property damage.